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Tipo de licencia: Licencia gratuita
Versión: 5.116
Desarrollador: Toolslib.
Fecha Actualización: MAY-09-2016

Adware? Toolbar changers?Browser hijackers? You have nothing to worry about with AdwCleaner. This cool security software lets you detect and remove adware, toolbar changers and browser hijackers from your computer.

Sporting a sleek and easy to use interface, AdwCleaner allows you to search and remove adware quickly and conveniently. You can also remove those PUP’s, or potentially undesirable programs from your system. The application detects them by watching out for signature characteristics of unwanted and dangerous applications.

AdwCleaner is truly an amazingly effective application that lets you do all these, ensuring that your system is protected and secure. The software features a highly intuitive layout configuration, ensuring ease of use. So if you’re looking for an awesome anti-adware/hijacker application, then you have to download and try this software, today!

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